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Make the most of existing buildings

Originally a 2 up, 2 down late 1800's cottage, this  property had bags of character but poorly thought out extensions over the years had made it a very impractical home, especially when it came to flow and function.

Working closely with the clients, we arrived at a plan which retained some key character features but transformed the property into one fit for modern living. 

Fitting under floor heating to the lounge and kitchen areas removed the need for radiators and therefore freed up a huge amount of wall space and in turn configuration options for furniture placement.

Adding a skylight to the new dressing room area again meant valuable wall space was retained for clothes hanging space whilst maximising natural light.  This principal was also used over the stair well to creating a striking feature and also bring light into what was a dark lounge.  Raising the floor level and using slim framed windows also brings more light into the space.

A great example of how good architectural planning at the start of a project can improve maximise the existing fabric of a building.

View the full plan

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