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What does an architectural technician do?


Architectural technicians provide architectural services similar to that of an architect. The role can include all design aspects of a construction project from conception to completion, providing aesthetical, functional and technical design and information Our industry trade body (Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) defines the discipline as: “focusing on the design of buildings and their production and performance through the process, management and integral use of technology.”

Do I need an architect or an architectural technician?


Architects and architectural technicians both provide expertise in the various design aspects of building projects and it is recommended they are employed to ensure a project runs as smoothly as possible. What exactly required depends on the individual project.

A good rule of thumb however is architects tend to be more design led than architectural technicians.  An architectural technician  will design with good aesthetics in mind, applying the science of architecture, but will also have a broader understanding of the complexities of construction and the materials involved. 


Do I need an architect to draw plans UK?


No, in fact, anyone can up draw plans.  However there are certain criteria that are required by local authorities that an expert will be familiar with and that's where an architectural technician can help ensure your planning application runs as smoothly as possible.

Here's some other benefits to hiring an architectural technician:

  • We'll make the most of your space and help you maximise the potential of your project, whether that's a simple addition or a porch or a complete remodel.

  • We'll help develop your ideas to ensure the best possible result.

  • Our experience and training means we'll spot details you may not have thought about.

  • We will ensure your project adheres to all the relevant legislation.

  • Our services are at a lower cost than those of an architect.

  • We'll design to your budget.

How much do architects cost to draw up plans?


As with everything, this depends on the scale of the work required.  For example, Checkatrade quote a price range of between £1000 and £2500 for a single storey extension and quote between 5-12% of the whole construction project.  These figures however relate to an architect.  You’ll find an architectural technician will deliver great value at a lower cost.  


I’ll be able to give you an idea of what costs your project might attract after an initial chat.  A firm quotation would be supplied after we have run through a detailed brief.


Is it hard to get planning permission?


This depends on what the project is and where it is located. Things to consider are the scale of the project and the aesthetics, along with the final use of the building. Most applications are straight forward when the design is carefully considered, however planning approval cannot be guaranteed.

Engaging the services of an architectural technician to aid with, first your design, and then your planning submission can help keep costs down.  Minor amendments can be made to the plans once planning permission has been granted, but major changes may result in a new application being required.  Getting the plans right first time helps avoid incurring additional costs at this stage.  


Can you apply for planning permission before you buy?


Yes. You do not need to own property to apply for planning permission, but you are required to serve notice to the property owner that you are applying for planning permission 21 days before the application is submitted to the local authority.


How long does it take to get planning permission?


Under normal circumstances, once the scheme has been submitted to the local authority and validated, meaning all the information is deemed suitable for the application, it should take around 8 weeks to gain a planning decision. This can be longer with more complex projects and if additional information is required.


Do I need a structural engineer?


Not all projects require a structural engineer, but it is very common that one will be required. Building control will require details from a qualified engineer for things like beams, roof structure, floor construction, etc.; however for some elements the manufacturers can provide these details as part of their standard package.

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